How to Use Massage Oil

Before the session: think to prepare massage oil

Hot oil on the body is particularly pleasant, so if possible, try to heat it by placing your bottle in hot water, your container on the radiator or by using a simple bottle warmer! Plan some tissues in case of excess oil.

Place your oil on hand so you do not have to interrupt the massage. To integrate to the massage oil a perfume especially active, think about essential oils:

Preparation tips: Take 50ml of vegetable oil, to which you add 10-20 drops of essential oil (be careful some essential oils are particularly strong, do not hesitate to ask your pharmacist or visit a specialized website where many essential oils are explained to be use to this purpose). Think of the bottle before use. It takes about 1-2 weeks for the smell takes full force.

Please do not store oil after its expiration date, your nose will be your best friend, trust it, if the smell of oil do not seem good throw it!

How to make massage oil?

Never pour oil massage directly on the body of your partner. To start, pour a small amount of oil in the palm of your hand so as not to surprise your partner.

Rub your hands to warm massage oil that warms the same time. Using this technique, massage oil will soften first the entire surface of your hands and make them soft and supple.

After you take care of your hands, begin to worry about your partner, spread the massage oil on the surface as to massage and measure the progress of the massage with large movements. Be careful not to pour too much oil, it is better to recover later than the oil flowing.

If, during the massage, the skin becomes dry and loses its gloss, feel free to add a little oil by letting it slip on the back of your hand while continuing to massage the body.

WARNING: Remember to always keep in touch with your partner's body in order to maintain a steady flow and to keep this "relationship" soothing.

Take your time to apply it with fluid, continuous and rounded, before any particular technique. Use this time to "pose" to walk your hands on your partner's body to find areas taut and tender points where special attention should be paid during the massage.

Attention also to your posture during the massage!

How much massage oil to use?

Just enough to facilitate movement: it must allow a fluid motion and no pain.
It is better to add more oil after that had a oil flowing.