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Tiger balm soft 25gr

Tiger balm soft is a new balm is used to soothe aching muscles, rheumatism, insect bites, headaches and is also called for clear airway respiratory and promote relaxation.

Date of use: 3 years

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Version soft less strong

Tigerbalm soft is a massage balm that has a light fragrance herbal cream type and texture. This is the sweetest of the range of Tiger Balm ointment.

You can use Tiger Balm for Soft:
- Respiratory bites.
- Migraines and headaches.
- Itching of an insect bite.
- Muscle and joint pain.

Soft tiger balm can be use for relieve soothe headaches, nose congestion and clear the congested airways. This balm is popular of young people followers of aromatherapy. With a creamy texture and a sweet scent of lavender, it works quickly and well. It is especially recommended for applications under the nostrils and combating the headaches and cold symptoms. Relieves inflammation of the tendons and joints and muscle spasms. Indicate for the relaxation of muscles after exercise. Tiger balm soft is a variation of the softer Tiger Balm White in texture (smoother) and composition (less than camphor) easy to apply over large areas sore, the Tiger Balm Soft act quickly and efficiently.

Using the Tiger Balm Soft:
Apply ointment on his back and chest when coughing, the temples against migraines or headaches, directly over the area bitten by the insect.

As the original Tiger Balm, Tiger Balm Soft is also known to be effective against: headache, muscle aches, sprains, rheumatism. If you are looking for the same relief that the properties of tiger balm red or white, but with a lighter fragrance and soft texture, while the tiger balm soft is for you.

Application tiger balm soft

  • Put a small amount in the palm of your hand and apply on the aching area.
  • Apply to the chest to clear clogged airways, massage until completely absorbed balm, for headaches, use it by rubbing the temples.

- For external use only, use only as directed
- Avoid contact with eyes, mucous menbranes and broken skin
- Store below 25°

Ingredients :
• Camphor 10%
• Menthol 12%
• Cajuput Oil 13%
• Clove Oil 1.5%

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