How to Use Essential Oil

Swallow it

Like they are not dissolve in water (they are not "water-dispersible"), do not dissolve it directly on a water glass or herbal tea, but mix it with a little honey, vegetable oil or place it on a sugar. They can also be slip into a dish for give new sensation and smell to your cook.Some essential oil are very good for this purpose such as basil or lavender.

Breathe it

We can enjoy their benefits through dry inhalations (on tissue) or wet inhalations (bowl of hot water and smell steam). Other famous way to use essential oils are to put some few drops in a diffuser or place near a heat source for clean ambient air (office, bedroom...) or only to create an atmosphere soft and relax with a delicious fragrant. Avoid saucers or devices that clay is placed on a heat source: it distorts the essential oil and makes it less active.

Applied it on the skin

Essential oils very quickly through the skin barrier to reach the bloodstream and from there the body "target" to treat. Therefore do not be surprised to find advice massage for a condition that seems far removed from the site of application. This is also why the eucalyptus applied under the arch will give you a pleasantly scented breath within a few minutes after application.

Taking baths

Footbaths, hands, bathroom: here is another great way to enjoy essential oils.

They will act thus:
1) For epidermal penetration throughout the body.
2) For dispersion in the atmosphere of the bathroom, and penetration through the respiratory tract. With the relaxation bonus. A real "plus" when not feeling well! Always dilute essential oils in milk or base neutral bath Puressentiel (recommended because non-fat) before dilution in the bath water (not too hot: from 35 to 37°C)... otherwise they remain surface water and may burn skin.

Recommended dosages

To Swallow : 2 drops 3 times a day on a support: a teaspoon of honey, olive oil or ¼ sugar. Do not ingest essential oils pure or mixed with water!
For what use : Digestion - Elimination - Pain - Tonic - Balance (sickness, turista) - Stress - Sleep - Relax - Natural defenses - Respiratory - Purifying

On Bath : 10 drops (small bath) 20 drops (large bath) mixed with 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil or milk.
For what use : Skin - Pain (joint, muscle) - Tonic - Balance - Stress - Sleep - Relax - Respiratory - Purifying

By Inhalation : Dry: 2 drops on handkerchief or clean the pillow. Wet: 6 drops in simmering water in a bowl. Breathing for 10 minutes. A renewed up to three times a day. Do not go out immediately afterward.
For what use : Tonic - Balance - Stress - Sleep - Relax - Natural defenses - Respiratory - Purifying

Massages Applications : Children: 4 drops. Adults: 6 drops mixed with 2 teaspoons of vegetable oil.
For what use : Skin - Hair - Pain (joint, muscle, headache) - Digestion - Elimination - Tonic - Balance - Stress - Sleep - Relax - Circulation - Slimming - Natural defenses - Respiratory - Purifying