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Tiger balm inhaler

A tiger balm inhaler to easily relieve a cold or blocked airways, is also suitable for motion sickness.

Date of use: 2 years

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To relieve migraines and motion sickness

The inhaler tiger balm is based on menthol, camphor and eucalyptus which is used to relieve the respiratory tract. This product with essential oils will provide you with well-being thanks to its purifying and soothing properties. Use around the temples to relieve a migraine. Use under the nose against a stuffy nose. Contains an oil reserve at its end for versatile use.

Application tiger balm inhaler
- Inhalation if you feel unwell or mouth and nose external application in cases of stuffy nose.
- Inhale or rub under the nose or put a drop on your handkerchief.
- Apply a little oil around the temples to relieve a migraine.
- Store below 30°.

Ingredients :

  • Menthol 42.00%
  • Camphor 17.70%
  • Eucalyptus oil 9.70%

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