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Tiger balm white 19gr

White tigerbalm can be use for relieve soothe headaches, nose congestion and clear the congested airways.

Date of use: 4 years

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Using this balm for headache and congested nose

Original white tiger balm is recommended to relieve cold symptoms (stuffy nose, headache, etc...), insect bites but is also effective against joint and muscle pain. This Balm is effective for headaches, stuffy nose, stomach flatulence, insect bites, itchiness, and muscle and joint aches. Just rub the ointment onto your skin, and its pain relieving properties will work quickly to reduce aches, swelling, and other discomfort that irritates the body.

Application the tiger balm white for:

- For external use only, use only as directed
- Keep out of children below 2 years old, pregnant or nursing women
- Avoid contact with eyes, mucous menbranes and broken skin
- Store below 25°

Ingredients :
• Camphor 25%
• Menthol 8%
• Eucalyptus Oil 13.7%
• Clove Oil 1.43%

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