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Tiger balm patch back pain

This large back pain patch provides a safe and effective deep relief from back pain and other body parts.

Dimension 10x14cm
Date of use: 3 years

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Made for relief your back pain

Tigerbalm patches effectively act for the relief of back pain. Once applied its active ingredients penetrate the skin surface and are absorbed to improve circulation and relieve back pain. This patch provides a good effect and is especially recommended for those who have suffered from chronic or prolonged muscle aches or pains associated with backaches, sprains, strains, back pain and arthritis. Its penetrating action provides fast relief of persistent pain and provides comfort for hours. It is not messy and does not stain clothing. It is very discreet and can be worn under clothing.

The breathable fabric of the product is made to fit the contours of the back provides maximum comfort for the wearer. When the drug begins to enter the skin and relieving the feeling of comfort appear immediately which will create a temporary relief and comfort for hours.The healing ingredients are then quickly absorbed through the skin to stimulate blood circulation and provide long-term relief to the area applied. 2 Patches per pack.

Application tiger balm patch back pain

- For external use only, use only on dry and clean body
- Avoid contact with eyes, mucous menbranes and irritated skin
- Store below 25°C, and in dry place

Ingredients per 100gr:
• Camphor 1.0gr
• Menthol 0.3gr
• Eucalyptus Oil 0.5gr
• Mentha Oil 0.6gr
• Capsicum extract 0.2gr

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