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Siang pure inhaler

This inhaler helps relieve stuffy nose and discomfort due to cold and also to relieve dizziness and mild sickness.

Date of use: 2 years

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To relieve a sore transportation or if you feel unwell

Small tube containing Siang Pure oil for inhalation fighting against the dizziness or the local application to relieve insect bites. Easy to carry. To put it in a first aid kit in a purse or backpack for travel. The siang pure inhaler provides a pleasant feeling, refreshing and cooling. Fast-acting, the inhaler provides an immediate feeling of freshness and cleanliness of the sinuses and lungs.

Application Siang Pure Inhaler
- Inhalation if you feel unwell or mouth and nose external application in cases of insect bites
- Inhale or rub under the nose or put a drop on your handkerchief.
- Store below 30°.

Ingredients :

  • Menthol 55.9%
  • Camphor 4.9%
  • Peppermint oil 3.7%
  • Borneol 9.9%
  • Eucalyptus oil 6.2%
  • Mineral oil q.s. 100%

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