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Siang pure refresher

The siang pure refresher is useful to clear the airways. It is also useful against motion sickness.

Date of use: 3 years

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Relieves nasal congestion and colds

With its application in the form of a stick, this pure siang refresher will be very useful to relieve migraine, transport sickness, stuffy nose or bad colds. It is one of the most appreciated products of the siang pure range, and very efficient.

Application refresher siang pure
- Place under the nose, temples, and on insect bite.
- Store it in dry place and temperature under 30°.

Ingredients per 100ml:
• Camphor 4.97gr
• Menthol 55.90gr
• Peppermint Oil 3.72ml
• Eucalyptus oil 6.20ml
• Borneol 9.00gr

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