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Siang pure stick oil formula II

The Siang Pure stick oil is useful to clear blocked airways. It is also useful against insect bites. Its applicator makes it easy to use.

Date of use: 3 years

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For the common cold, stuffy nose

Easily used with non-messy roll-on tip. Convenient and keeps alert. Used as an inhalant or rub for relief of vertigo and nasal congestion. Siang Pure oil stick helps to clear a stuffy nose. It provides fast relief Natural and helps make it easier to breathe freely. Personnel in a pack pocket hand.

Special Features:
- Helps clear a stuffy nose due to colds, flu, hay fever or sinusitis.
- Help make it easier to breathe freely.
- Natural relief at any time.
- Includes effective essential oils of eucalyptus, peppermint and menthol.
- To refresh and clear the airway.

Application Siang Pure Stick
- Place under the nose, temples, and on insect bite.
- Store it in dry place and temperature under 30°.

Ingredients per 100ml:
• Camphor 8.0gr
• Menthol 39.5gr
• Peppermint Oil 34.5ml
• Cinnamon Oil 0.3ml
• Clove Oil 0.3ml

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